Company History

Resource Development Company (RDC) was founded in northern Nevada in 1972 by Roger Biale and Doug Allen. The founders combined their individual strengths building the RDC legacy. Approximately 40 years later the Reno-Sparks, Nevada based general contracting company is thriving.

In 2014, Resource Development Company was acquired by Farr Construction Corporation. Jeff Farr, President and founder of Farr Construction Corporation, purchased RDC with an eye towards progressive growth and expanded client services. The two companies have successfully merged into the Resource Development Company you see today. The result - increased operational efficiencies and in-house expertise. The advantage - more competitive pricing and cost savings passed on to our clients and project owners.


RDC prides itself on delivering quality construction projects on schedule and within budget. Our philosophy is simple - provide our clients the BEST VALUE product within their project constraints. We strive to be innovative, flexible and adaptive in our quest to deliver best value projects.


Resource Development Company has a long history of participation in professional and trade organizations. Of particular mention, is our active role in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) D100 – Welded Carbon Steel Water Storage Tanks for Water Storage Sub-Committee. Roger Biale has served for many years on this committee, lending his expertise to the advancement of the welded steel water storage tank industry.


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